One-of-a-kind digital platform, increasing the productivity of 3D design teams.

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Virtu offers an effective and efficient solution to not only eliminate the physical sampling process, but also improve the current digital sampling process.



Current Process

Physical Sampling

  • Time consuming to create and send samples
  • High carbon footprint impact of shipping samples and destroying samples
  • Increased waste of unused samples
  • Fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world

Current Solution

3D Sampling

  • Completely digitized process towards creating process samples
  • More sustainable, less wasteful production process
  • Manage designs virtually before creating physical prototypes
  • Time saved, reducing clothing development and manufacturing duration
  • Control over styling and fit
  • Improved design and technical efficiency

Current Problem to

3D Sampling

  • There isn’t a shared space for efficient organization and collaboration of 3D development process
  • Not all 3D technologies have a functional integration from 2D flat patterns to 3D visualization
  • No tool to enable automation of 3D with ability to create and house a digital library, inefficiency in communication and development of 3D



Solution to 3D Sampling

Virtue 3D Process

  • One stop shop for all pieces of 3D development process
  • Stay organized and connected through shared communication and collaboration
  • Shared platform offering a holistic view of the company’s collection progress from start to finish
  • Workspace for all users to track development progress through product collections, pending tasks, design library, reports, and a dashboard of all moving pieces.



  • One-of-a-kind digital platform that increases the productivity of 3D design teams in creating virtual samples
  • Digital library of 3D assets
  • Manage team’s productivity
  • 50-75% reduction in time spent to create 3D samples
  • Saved hours, days, and weeks of work
  • No emissions from shipping samples
  • Save thousands of samples from going into landfills

In the past six months, we've successfully executed three different pilots and are well on the way of leading 3D digital transformation in the fashion and home accessories industry with Fountane's support and leadership! They’re casual and scrappy yet polished and professional - literally have never worked with such a passionate and committed team! They embody entrepreneurship to me; they are collaborative, strategic, and the best problem-solvers, hands down. We have weekly touch points to discuss as a team, the on-going project results and work through obstacles and pain points collaboratively via peer-to-peer feedback. Our project is an iterative process of testing, learning and responding - it's a HUGE project with NO ego!

- Bret Rossman

Dir. of Strategy & Bus. Dev.



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