Parking made easy with ParkPoolr!

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ParkPoolr is an automated, easily accessible parking platform - connecting hosts with extra parking spots to users searching for parking.



  • Users are searching for parking spots and struggling to find open spaces.
  • Hosts have available space that is going unused.



  • ParkPoolr solves the problems of both users and hosts by automatically connecting users searching for parking spots with hosts who have open space available.



  • ParkPoolr automates the process for hosts selling their driveway or commercial lot by handling payment processing, advertising, and verification.
  • Parking hosts will receive revenue from users using their spaces.
  • ParkPoolr automatically finds users available parking spaces for an hourly payment rate.

Working with Fountane was an incredibly rewarding experience. Aditya, Saawan, and the entire Fountane team believed in my vision, and we were able to take a concept to market in about 100 days. The most impressive part about working with Fountane was how adaptable the team was to adversity. During the middle of our project, covid-19 hit and shut everything down. However, the team was still able to fulfill its commitments on schedule. Plus, our on-going relationship has been crucial to the success of my business. I can't thank the people of Fountane enough for believing in me and helping me build my business.

- Jackson Lefebrve

Founder & CEO



100 Warren Street

Suite 300-155

Mankato, MN 56001