Connecting Caregivers and Service Providers- working together to achieve two things: Hire and Retain.

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One-stop-shop for Service Providers to help clients find the right Caregivers.



  • Lack of quality caregivers available and accessible when needed, as well as lack of quality clients for Caregivers.
  • Issues finding a good match between Caregivers and Service Providers.
  • Decreased retention rate between Service Providers and Caregivers.



  • This platform allows Service Providers to create an available job and make it public for the right caregivers to apply.
  • Impowered is integrating referral codes and bonuses within the platform to ensure a high retention rate.



  • Matching Service Providers with the right Caregivers through an easily collaborative social network, creating a large pool of compatible Caregivers, while increasing the and maintaining retention rates.
  • Creating a mobile application, service provider dashboard and, and an admin panel. These platforms will offer features that include; inviting friends, creating posts, sharing posts, creating jobs, finding jobs, applying for jobs, chatting, and so much more!

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